CITY BLOCK LOCAL – Property Tax Appeal Information

    Is your new 2019 Philadelphia Property Tax Valuation in-line with your neighbors? With similar homes? Is it higher than the actual value? If so, unless the amounts are minor, you may want to appeal.

    There are two grounds for appeal: 1) Value and 2) Uniformity. Value is pretty straightforward. If your assessed valuation is higher than the property is actually worth, then an appeal probably makes sense. Uniformity means that your value is not uniform with comparable homes. For example, if other similar homes on your block have lower values. I have seen this a lot this year; including some with significant price differentials, and some where a larger, more renovated home is valued less than a smaller home that needs work.

    If you have grounds to appeal for value or uniformity, the easiest method is to file a First Level Review (FLR) by the May 25, 2018 deadline. The process can be found here. You should include additional information to help make your case (i.e., market data from your block and neighborhood, photos, a recent appraisal). If you are not satisfied with the results of your FLR (or if you miss the May 25th deadline), you could then file a full appeal by the October 1, 2018 deadline.

    Please contact me with any questions regarding your valuation or the FLR or full appeal process.

    And as always, do you know someone who is considering buying or selling real estate? I would be honored if you recommended me to be their trusted adviser. I pledge to provide them with the absolute highest level of service.

    Jeff “City” Block
    Team Leader
    City Block Team
    May 4, 2018

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