In furthering my research on the new Philly tax valuations, I came across a map that clearly shows you the City tax property valuations change throughout the city. The map is fully scalable, so you can also home in on neighborhoods, blocks, and even specific homes.

    Really fascinating information and also useful in helping to determine whether to appeal. Basically, there are two main arguments you can make for a successful property tax appeal in Philly. First, that your value is too high. Second, that your values are not uniform with other comparables. With respect to the uniformity argument, this map can give you a quick idea of how much your home increased in comparison to your immediate neighbors. That can then lead you to determine whether your new value is in line with comparable, proximate homes.

    You can find the map here.

    If you have any questions regarding your Philly real estate taxes or any other issue, please let me know. More to come on taxes soon.

    And as always, do you know someone who is considering buying or selling real estate? I would be honored if you recommended me to be their trusted adviser. I pledge to provide them with the absolute highest level of service.

    Jeff “City” Block
    Team Leader
    City Block Team
    April 27, 2018

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